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AllCore’s Residential wireless internet service utilizes the latest wireless technology to deliver high speed internet access to our customers at speed and prices that most customers have never seen before.

Utilizing fixed-wireless antennas we send and receive invisible wireless signals through the air allowing us to deliver internet access, VoIP, e-mail and more without any wires or cables. We are able to deliver blistering fast speeds in the city, suburban neighborhoods and in the rural country side all backed by our Cisco powered network that is connected to multiple fiber optic internet connections.

Since AllCore’s Residential wireless network was built and is managed by our in-house network team we offer amazing service and support; but we also offer unlimited unfiltered internet, something you won’t find from any other wireless internet provider that we know of!

How does AllCore’s Wireless Internet compare?
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Virtually Virus Free

For those looking for a safer Internet experience, we offer real-time virus scanning of all e-mails at no additional charge!

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Unlimited Downloads

Enjoy Unlimited Downloads with our great Residential Wireless Internet service packages.

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Backup your files over the Internet to our private cloud and never worry about losing your files, documents, pictures, music & videos!

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We don’t traffic shape or impact your Internet experience.

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Unfiltered Internet | Unlimited Downloads | Virtually Virus Free | Backups

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Are Wireless Networks a Health Hazard?

A lot of wireless networking devices transmit on the same frequencies as Microwave Ovens so you may think so, however; the transmission power levels are so low that the thought that they might be harmful is currently mere speculation, with mobile phones being a much greater potential health hazard.