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AllCore’s Cable Internet service utilizes existing cable television lines to transmit digital data. Cable speeds vary depending on a variety of things; the provider and plan you choose as well as your location. Cable Internet is widely considered to be faster than DSL, so if speed is your prime consideration, than a cable Internet connection is the way to go.

This type of internet provides a high speed Internet connection and is frequently known as an Internet service that is “always on” because as long as your computer is on, you will have an immediate Internet connection by simply clicking your browser.

Therefore if you have access to a cable television connection, you have the option for AllCore’s Cable Internet access. You will be available to our great prices, multiple different speed options, great services that allows you to do and play anything you wish.

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Unlimited Downloads

Enjoy Unlimited Downloads with our great Cable Internet service packages.

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We don’t traffic shape or impact your Internet experience.

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Fastest Speeds Available

Cable Internet service is able to offer speeds up to 250 Mbps.

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Cable Internet service is an extremely reliable service.

Download, upload, play music, games and videos at the fastest speeds out there!

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What is the fastest Fiber Internet I can get?

We are currently able to provide from 7Mbps FTTN to 50Mbps FTTN.  We are also able to provide 10Mbps to 1Gps dedicated fiber circuits.

We are now pleased to offer our customers speeds from 10 Mbps to 50 Mbps with 100 Mbps coming this summer!

How can Aggregate Internet help my business?

Aggregate Internet allows us to use smaller DSL or FTTN circuits to deliver a large aggregate service that is both redundant and fault tolerant, but also provides a large Internet connection where one would not be available normally.